Why Being Lonely is Never a Good Reason to Get into a Relationship

Everyone deserves to be with someone who really loves them and everyone deserves to have their own happy ending. I believe in this wholeheartedly. However, in order to have all of this you’ve got to be emotionally ready and mentally unattached to how this will all manifest itself. There are many unhealthy reasons that women use to get into a relationship that can usually predict a miserable and toxic relationship as the outcome. However, it’s the deeper emotionally issues behind these reasons that are important to understand. So why is being lonely never a good reason to get into relationship? Because no matter what you may think, a relationship built on insecurities and codependency can never truly have a solid foundation from which it can sustain real growth and prosperity. Why you never want to get into a relationship because you are lonely: You will send your desperate energy out […]

How to Break Your Toxic Relationship Cycle

Do your romantic relationships keep you feeling exhausted and stressed out? Are you being mistreated in your relationship but decide to stay anyway? Do you date the same type of unhealthy person every time? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be stuck in a toxic relationship cycle. So how do you get out of an unhealthy relationship? Before you work on this question, keep in mind these two thoughts. First, acknowledge that you are making a choice to stay. Maybe you said yes to being in this relationship even when you saw the red flags or you stayed when you wanted to leave. There is no judgment or blame. This is just an acknowledgement. Second, look at how you attracted this type of person in the first place. There may be something about the energy you are putting out into the world that continuously brings back the […]