Vision Boards to the Rescue!


This is a vision board! (Feel free to click on the image to get a closer look.) So you might be thinking, what is so important about creating a vision board and why should I have one? I’m so glad you asked. Vision boards are tools you can use to help you: focus on the future you would like to have visualize one particular goal you’d like to achieve celebrate a special moment in your life materialize your yearly intentions reinforce your personal affirmations   The possibilities are truly endless. So let me answer your questions for a better understanding. What is so important about creating one? Well, it is important because you are important. Let me explain. As human beings we tend to get busy, a lot. Our lives are filled with appointments, family, friends, activities, careers, sports, and so forth. Who has time to “remember” to focus on […]

Love or Lust?


Are you in love or lust? How can you tell? Does it even matter? Aren’t they the same? Well, no they are definitely not the same and yes, it does matter. In order to be honest and upfront in any relationship, understanding the differences between love and lust can keep everyone honest and happy. The biggest difference between love and lust is that lust is short-term fun while love is a long-term commitment. Simply knowing this can help you evaluate your situation immediately. However, this is not to say that lust cannot turn into love or that a loving relationship could not have lust within it. I’m sure both scenarios occur quite frequently. Here are some of the difference between love and lust: Lust You are completely focused on her physical appearance You only want to have sex with her Conversations get in the way You fantasize all the time […]